11000 atomic antz
Unique nft’s collection

Mint is Available

0.03 eth

Remaining Antz: (Not connected to Web3)

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The anthill

It all started with an Explosion in the center of the Earth, giving life to 11.000 Atomic Antz unique NFT’s. Some of them are extremely rare, digital collectibles living on the Ethereum Blockchain. In order to preserve “The AntHill” we must protect the Queen! Each Antz Holder will have exclusive access to “The AntHill”. It will also grant ownership and full commercial rights of the Antz you choose to adopt.


Every Antz Holder that buys on Pre-Sale, will be airdropped a 3D Antz Avatar to be used in the Metaverse to play The Z Games.

You may be wondering what are the z games & what is the utility of antz

In simple words, is the VR of the original “X Games” (Extreme Sports) for ANTZ in the Metaverse. Antz Holders will be able to play, create teams and compete with each other.

Also to make The Z Games more exciting we will include audience participation and voting. You as a player will be able to Live Stream on social media platforms.

You think you got what it takes to play The Z Games ?
If you do… Let the games begin!!

“Be ready for something atomic” private access for antz holders

Atomic antz distribution

No bonding curves-no fomo / Each antz cost 0.03 eth / The same for everyone!



All 11000 Antz are totally unique, randomly generated with our exclusive +250 authentic traits and designs. If you are lucky enough you’ll get a Super Rare Queen or Maybe an Ultra Rare Worker!

8 different properties to be discovered


Check Rarity on discord by typing: !rarity atomicantz id

How to buy?

  1. Download Metamask extension for Google Chrome. https://metamask.io
  2. Add Funds to your Wallet
  3. Connect your Wallet to Our web site with the Google Chrome extension
  4. Click in the Link on top page “MINT ANTZ” and adopt your Antz.

Road map

We ride together, we rise together!
We have a lot more planned!
Other announcements will be revealed after pre-sale is sold out.


Queen eli

She loves to Hunt! Dog Lover and addicted to chess.

Princess leiantz

Defined by her ambition to inherit the throne. She likes tricky games.

Soldier tux

Ruthless and Guardian of The Anthill, he’ll die for it.

Worker mike ty

The man of 1000 fights, don’t want to mess with the beast.